Photo Edition: Carl and Garé Barks Snapshots

Limited to 5 copies, this first edition is signed by John Garvin and numbered 1 of 5 (all books are numbered the same), with the notation "Photo Edition: Carl and Garé Barks Snapshots." It comes with an original, photo of Carl and Garé Barks. Measuring 3.5 inches by 5 inches, the photo comes in a protective mylar sleeve tucked inside the book. From the Barks Estate, each photo is original and one-of-a-kind.

The book also comes with a copy of the original estate COA, and a signed COA from Enchanted Images.  This is your chance to own a piece of Barks history.

There are three photos still available. Specify which photo you would like when ordering.


Price: US $124.95 + Shipping

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