"If you are interested in Carl Bark's paintings as collectibles, get this book. If you are an artist yourself, interested in how a professional sets up a studio and works, get this book. This is a must have work for all lovers of Carl Barks!"

- Patrick Block (Disney creator and fine artist)


     “I thought you did a very good job of bringing Barks to life for those of us who know so little about him... It’s nice to see a well-researched and lucidly explained discipline unfold in front of your eyes. It’s a remarkable, remarkable book.”

 - Dave Sim (Author / artist of Cerebus and Glamourpuss)


     “I must say I’m impressed, and I think Carl would have been, especially with your coverage of media, and his take on his own craft.”
- Geoffrey Blum (Associate Editor of the Carl Barks Library)

     "Your book is one of the most amazing studies of Barks I've ever read."
- Professor Donald Ault, author of
Carl Barks: Conversations

After Carl Barks has been referenced in the ALL NEW painting book:
Carl Barks Drawings and Paintings, by Geoffrey Blum.

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