After Carl Barks: Painting Fine-Art Cartoons in Oils
Original Art Edition

For collectors and fans! Over 260 pages of history, analysis and insight into Barks' paintings, craft, and technique, chronicling Garvin's decades long obsession with the paintings of Carl Barks, the 20th Century's Grand Master of cartoon fine-art.

For artists! Over 20 pages of practical painting tips covering Barks' approach to composition, narrative, dynamic symmetry, color theory, painting media and more. Garvin is the only fine artist to have learned technique directly from Carl Barks. Learn Barks' secret recipe for making an oil painting shine! Includes a step-by-step guide to how Garvin painted "Hunger."

Comes with an original drawing signed by John Garvin: 9x12 inches, red pencil on paper. While writing the book, Garvin did over a hundred rough "diagram" drawings of Barks paintings and his own. This drawing is a rough diagram of a moneybin painting Garvin completed in the 1980s titled "If I Only Had Toes! The drawing comes in a mylar sleeve and is signed in the lower left corner."

- Large 8.5 x 11 inch paperback

- Sewn, perfect binding for durability

- First Edition limited to 250 copies

- Includes a signed, full color 8 x 9.5 inch print of Garvin's "Hunger" painting

- Includes a signed, original drawing: red pencil on paper, 9 x 12 inches

- 270 pages with 69 in color, printed on 80# paper with high gloss enamel coating

- 50 page biography of Barks the artist, including documents from the Barks estate

- Over 100 visual diagrams of Barks' fine-art cartoon paintings

- 18 page bibliography of Barks' personal reference library


Price: US $124.95 + Shipping